Roman Mikheev, "Pale Black"

There are many sound engineers who make good stuff, but usually it is very hard to explain what kind of sound you actually need. Elijah has a special sense of understanding and makes it sound as it should.

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Dmitry Kostryukov, "Life On Venus"

Music is a language of emotions, and it might get tricky to explain your ideas on any phase, from working on a sketch during the rehearsal with your band to sharing your feelings with your listeners. Recording sessions with Ilya prove he knows how to deal with anything you may possibly need while transferring your creative sensations from abstract ideas to complete songs. I don't know what it is exactly, some kind of a mysterious Midas touch or years of experience, but we were quite surprised by the results we achieved with Ilya as our sound engineer.

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Kamyar Mobasheri, "Frikam"

Working with Elijah was both enjoyable and informative. He has a professional attitude and always precisely attended to our demands. He is responsible, generous and definitely loves what he does. I would recommend him in any situation.

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Elijah Zhundrikov

Mixing and recording engineer

Starting as a guitarist and continuing as an engineer, I have been involved in the music business for the entirety of my professional career. I have produced, engineered and mixed music from all genres, ranging from classical instruments recorded in an auditorium and mixed in Mosfilm's studio B  to grunge band all recorded and mixed on Zoom N4h in a garage.



+7 (916) 739-72-92

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